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Friday, June 28, 2013

The truth is never told about SILVER and GOLD

Ignore most mining stock rumors

David Morgan has said $22 is a dangerous level for silver as any price drop below this would threaten mining companies and destroy their profits.  Another video below shows an interview on the NYMEX trading floor where The Street interviews Paul Sacks a professional options trader saying a drop in GOLD prices below $1,150 will basically cause many mines to shut down.  These market consultants are not being entirely truthful in their interviews.  I believe it's best to ignore these mining rumors and watch AUY, NEM, CDE, SLW, SWC, TRX, and others do just fine.

All of these interviews are all noise while a SECTOR SHIFT is being planned in the equities and commodities markets.  Don't be fooled into any of this as these are all advanced strategies being done to generate more confusion as large investors play various HFT strategies against each other.  Personally I think this will simply breed more market volatility and force more short-term trading.  More and more computer algorithms are being combined also to create some incredible market distortions resulting in an EXTREMELY UNSTABLE financial atmosphere.

One thing I noticed below is Rick Rule has thrown out some important observations unlike any other from Sprott Asset Management and I commend Rick Rule for being forthright:


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