Sunday, June 30, 2013

Obama on his African safari promoting African leaders

Keeping hope alive in Africa with President Obama

We the people of The United States Of America are forced to worship more foreign culture now as even our current President Obama is out committed to bringing up a new generation of Africans by addressing them, engaging them and selecting them for his vision of promulgating the global community of hope and change and a "NEW AFRICA" that will take it's place on the world's stage:

The Washington Fellowship For Young African Leaders

The future that we can build together as Africans and Americans comes from the spirit of youth.  We need a "yes we can" attitude and have more town hall meetings like this to empower young Africans and make the world a better place by making it safe for democracy and balancing liberty with security.  Come to the United States and develop your skills at our universities and interact with Americans from all walks of life.  We the people of the United States will be able to learn from the African youth now as they turn their ideas into NEW BUSINESS and "wait for it"----NON-PROFITS!.....standing up for DEMOCRACY....and collaborate on a future that you want to build...empowering advocates (anti-Constitution I'm sure)....etc.

CULTURE is king

What the hell is this?  I'll tell you what it is:  It's turning The United Sates Of America into a MIXED MULTITUDE of CULTURE where CULTURE IS KING.  That's exactly what this is!

Empowering women

"And we want to empower women...", says President Obama.  Of course he does!  He's no longer interested in families where daddy is the head of the house because Heather and other children can now have two mommies and two daddies in this wonderful land of America where culture is king.  I wonder if the Africans are going to make their transition into sodomite perversions and the destruction of marriage:

African culture expansion and transforming America

This is also going to be one of these moves to transform the United States Of America through African study, presidential town hall meetings, and more workshops and required university studies in "humanities" to force and require Americans to submit to cultural diversity training: