Monday, June 17, 2013

Legalized Lawless Voting Rights

No proof of American citizenship needed to vote

The United States Of America is finished!  This is a land of complete chaos now as the courts rule in favor of lawlessness and turn the land into the land of a new wave of illegal immigrants.  What do you expect from an ongoing illegal legal system?  And while we have I guess a Kenyan Muslim president, we are now opening the doors to a new culture of imports coming from Syria too.  Even more votes for Hillary are on the way!  Either way the hackers can steer the electronic voting whichever way they see fit to do according to their handlers.

The men in America aren't men anymore.  They think they're naked women belly dancers are what we need.  What they don't realize is the next wave of warrior women coming will actually kick their asses.  Things really are happening now that the scripture might be fulfilled according to that which is written: