Sunday, June 23, 2013

Edward Snowden escapes the U.S. Government

Glenn Greenwald considered co-conspirator 

The Obama administration is trying to criminalize the American press and many more people consider the Obama regime as a fascist dictatorship.  Glen Greenwald could also be a target for assassination along with Edward Snowden.  It really seems like foreign governments are being friendly to these men and perhaps giving them safe-houses while they are on the run from the world's most powerful government in Washington D.C. 

Edward Snowden is safe--for now

Personally I think someone in the Obama administration is going to start more military attacks on other countries who are granting asylum to these men who have exposed the NSA and are also Constitutional Americans as they also continue manhunts to hunt them down.  They will start various military assaults and lead us now into World War III.  Seems the attitude toward the Obama regime could get ugly with various world leaders at any moment. Get ready!

Edward Snowden is safer in Communist countries:

We may see this rising fascist dictator Obama destroy America and many of us may be refugees moving around the world to other countries to escape THE LAND OF LAW ENFORCEMENT.  Or perhaps this is going to turn other countries against America and begin World War III?