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Friday, June 28, 2013

BAILOUTS end and BAIL-IN is about to begin

Jim Sinclair expects a "BAIL-IN" in 2013

There is an UNCONFIRMED REPORT that Jim Sinclair is selling all of his available resources and buying gold.

(I learned this from some guy named Raul from "Alt Investors Hangout:")

First there's a report out that Jim Sinclair wrote this below:  (Keep in mind that I can neither confirm nor deny that this is what Jim Sinclair actually wrote and other sources seem to be very suspect in the dissemination of this alleged letter by Jim Sinclair below:)

The economic system is failing, and to counter the now publicly perceived failure, central planners are manipulating the symptoms and not the problem.

Gold has never been easy.
Gold is the tell tale of a broken system.
Gold therefore is the barometer of the risk factors of economic conditions.

Therefore central planners must make, via paper gold, every effort to make it say, “All is Ok.” For this reason I intend, knowing the system is in collapse, to buy gold with every resource I have at my disposal today and tomorrow.

I suggest those of stout heart do the same.

To the others who are committed to their limit, hunker down one more time knowing that in no more than the summer a brand new and most powerful bull market in gold will be at hand.


If this guy is accurate then we are about to witness something he calls BAIL-IN.  This is interesting because this is the "Sprott Money" YOU TUBE channel and it makes reference to  

If you listen close Jim Sinclair sounds rather terrified however a recent interview with Rick Rule shows no concern for supplies of gold and silver but rather some of the industrial metals such as platinum and palladium.  I see a contradiction between what Rick Rule (who is also part of Sprott Asset Management) says and what this Jim Sinclair says regarding gold and silver and I'm not really certain what all this propaganda is all about.  

You must become a "SURVIVOR INVESTOR" now

I do suspect that there is a move on to purposely confuse a load of investors especially those of us who I shall call "SURVIVOR INVESTORS."  I say SURVIVOR INVESTOR because that is now what you have to become.  There is no longer a savings account mindset anywhere and you must have a survival plan now and stick to it regardless of any of these shifting winds coming from a plethora of consultants, analysts, and various other commentators.  Simply put it's every man for himself.  

One other notable observation is that this Nathan McDonald from Sprott Money News gets excited and expresses his optimism every time Jim Sinclair mentions gold going higher soon.  What these guys holding gold don't realize however is this is not good for them but it is actually a time of great trouble that shall come upon the whole earth.  It may actually be the wrath of God unleashed very soon. 

Sell everything and buy GOLD?

The report that Jim Sinclair is selling all of his resources and buying GOLD comes from  I'm really quite suspicious of this:


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