Sunday, June 23, 2013

America made to stink in the eyes of the world

Nations mocking America and Obama

World leaders protect Edward Snowden from American Government...give him safe travel...asylum...

The nations seem to now be poised to turn against and ignore The United States Of America as they shelter NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden who has left Hong Kong for Moscow and now is to gain shelter in Ecuador as world leaders coordinate his travel safety from the U.S. Government who seeks to potentially kill him.  These guys that know how to run computers are a valuable commodity for other countries.  And the world might just be tired of the U.S.A. BULLY COP ASSAULTS on other nations called "The War On Terror."

It is interesting how the U.S. Government now along with LAW ENFORCEMENT are working hard to turn against we the people.  America has turned into a country of government thugs and bullies who thrive on making assaults on people.  Perhaps the Obama administration will respond with more military assaults and drone attacks over this?

Is the U.S.A. the world military police force?

Perhaps the Obama administration will construct a military assault on uncooperative leaders and their respective nations over Edward Snowden?  This time it looks like other nations are positioning themselves against the American government and standing up for Edward Snowden as they provide him safe-haven travel and asylum:

Maybe the U.S. MILITARY will shoot the plane down?

You just never know as it seems there is much being done to keep Edward Snowden's whereabouts in question: