Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Adam Kokesh Entertainment Industry

This is all a big joke

And it probably really is

And so we have the Adam Kokesh team of dope-heads asking us to take part in an American Revolution along with of course the following list:
  • Buy Agorist precious metals
  • Email love letters to Adam
  • Donate via BITCOINS
  • Buy AVTM T-shirts
  • Invest in Adam vs. the man with your money
Watch the Adam Kokesh PUBLIC ADDRESS MANIFESTO below.  According to this video Kokesh is still in prison.  Either way who cares?

The Adam Kokesh reactions are all over YOU TUBE

Whatever Adam Kokesh and probably INFOWARS are up to we are going to find out this time around.  These Anarchists are not "LOYAL" in their groups and they have been known to have DIVISIONS and create even more complicated SECTS and POLITICAL ACTIVISTS with a PSEUDO-LIBERTARIAN or QUASI-LIBERTARIAN twist just to add to the chaos.  It gets complicated but it is certainly nothing but continues trouble and conflict: