Sunday, May 26, 2013

Global GIRL ON GIRL is rewarded in Cannes

The global empowerment of women is here

Lesbian sex worship

This world is heading toward as it was in the days of Noah. 

Learn more about the GLOBAL EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN here: 

In the USA the Boy Scouts were given the blessing for gay boys but gay girls are being arrested:

Here's a mother daughter exercise

Society now needs to learn how to worship women.  Men are not needed anymore and are being instructed that they have ADHD and later PTSD from the military and they have a great opportunity to be gay boys.  There's even sort of a WARRIOR WOMAN and culture rising up complete with Satan worship and other types of "spirituality."

So what can men do about this?  Those of us who are in Christ Jesus can rest knowing that the man Christ Jesus will be on the scene according to the scriptures.  Even so, come Lord Jesus:

This film "Blue is the warmest color" is setting the tone

The film "Blue is the warmest color" will have a great influence on the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender culture throughout the world: