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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Man shoots school bus driver takes 1 child hostage


Why the large force is needed for 1 man and a hostage?  I remember there was a stand off several years ago in my area where a man and woman were arrested for back taxes while leaving their home and driving down the highway.  Afterward there were three at least country sheriff departments, FBI, ATF, and other "agencies" called along with ERTs to their residence for a STAND OFF and all this for an empty house that was considered dangerous and similar to Waco, Texas:

All this DISPLAY OF FORCE called LAW ENFORCEMENT.  Is it to make it safe for our children?  Notice how safe those GUN FREE school buses are too.

UPDATE:   Jimmy Lee Dykes, a 65 year old man is reported to be in his bunker on his property holding a 6 year old boy with special needs hostage after killing a school bus driver and taking the child hostage.  The stand off continues...

YOU TUBE is going to be crawling with more video on this event soon.  Better watch free video why you still can.

One neighbor reported he was shot at by Jimmy Lee Dykes recently while stopping to assist him on an area roadway: 

The suspect is a "SURVIVALIST"

Now that tells the rest of the story.  This man is one of those preppers or "survivalists". 

Suspect was also paranoid and combative

Man had "anti-American views": 


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