Monday, June 25, 2012

Jim Sinclair's gold from $1640 to $2111 and above now

I actually believe this CEO of TRX knows what he's talking about.  Yes he has a big interest in gold because he owns a mining company, etc.  But this guy is up and back to Africa on business trips and he's privy to what's going on with personal friends of his in the BRICS gang and so forth.  He also knows that there is a big demand for the U.S. dollar outside the U.S.A. as foreigners practically worship the paper that it's printed on. (go back and read that carefully since you probably have not)

Having said that I'm only posting this for this reason.  He knows some things but he's not divulging what he completely knows as is the usual case from men of this caliber.  But that's all right because some of us know how to read between the lines with a considerable degree of accuracy: 


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