Thursday, February 7, 2019

King James Only Baptist Churches are dying with their KING JAMES BIBLES

*****Fundamental Independent Baptists*****

*****Their churches and bible are dying*****


Authorized (King James) Version

The worst translation of the HOLY BIBLE:

Here's what one prominent preacher recently had to say about the King James bible:

They are now burning King James bibles if you bring one to the seminary.

So, God is moving today you say?  I think God has moved out!

Look at the Temple Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee and how it is dying here with its Pastor Charles Lawson:

Contrast that to the Bible Baptist Church in DeLand, Florida where Pastor James Knox and Pastor James Knox 2.0 (David Brown) preside:  They are about to build a new multi-million dollar expansion project for their church:

REMEMBER ALSO these churches have their altars where you can come up and find God and also get right with God there on the altar:

...and they still need your MONEY!

Or does God need your money?

George Carlin should have been a preacher or a pastor.  He would have generated a better crowd and probably more money...