Sunday, March 4, 2018

Now the AR-15 will be acceptable

*****The AR-15 gains religious status*****

*****Mass AR-15 RIFLE BLESSING*****

*****Church blesses AR-15 rifles*****

The AR-15 is a "ROD OF IRON"

The AR-15 is also a "TOOL OF PEACE"

Church holds COMMITMENT CEREMONY with AR-15 rifles:

THE WORLD PEACE UNIFICATION CHURCH holds the AR-15 RIFLE as the "ROD OF IRON" according to the HOLY BIBLE for self-defense.  

Now the AR-15 RIFLE is a RELIGION and not only is under the protection of the SECOND AMENDMENT but also the FIRST AMENDMENT.  Now what will the lawmakers do?  Will they discriminate against this religion?  

The AR-15 is a TOOL OF PEACE

In the hands of a soldier the AR-15 is not a tool of war it's a tool of peace.  In the hands of a police officer it's not a tool of war it's a tool of peace.  And in the hands of the average citizen it's not a tool of war it's a tool of peace.

And why shouldn't it be about peace?  Because it provides peace & safety and it also is used by peace officers and peace keeping forces too along with the citizens.  

Notice that much of this church has Asian-Americans in it that hold to the AR-15 (literally).  Here is a protester (Bill Duff) that protests against guns and the AR-15 and calls it a "weapon of mass destruction:"

It looks like many Asian-Americans like the AR-15 rifle...