Saturday, February 3, 2018

LITECOIN is about to LAUNCH to $666


LITECOIN is ready to LAUNCH:

TARGET = $666

LITECOIN will light up the LITCOSPHERE:

Lite Pay News and more...

LITECOIN is about to have a mind of its own and will light up the LITCOSPHERE with the Lite Pay news and more.  Charlie Lee is no slouch and you can be certain he has worked and will continue to work diligently to keep LITECOIN functioning to the best of his abilities.  

I have very little LITECOIN so if you want to send The News UNIT a love offering please do so. Also I will be working on The Litecoin Bible Church soon and more information on that will be forthcoming in an information bulletin broadcast.

For now LITECOIN is on the top of the WATCH LIST and we expect it is going to kick in the afterburners and take off very soon. This is NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE this is simply speculation however all the signs appear to be coming together to make this a reality.  If you want financial advice you need to seek a professional for that.  


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