Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Jsnip4 seeks the CRYPTO-PSYCHICS again

*****Praise your god of psychics*****

They were right again?

The familiar spirits of Jsnip4...

Psychic Dude called Feb 8th...

Jsnip4 wakes up again to tell the peeps how his CRYPTO-PSYCHIC GUY was correct again:

According to Jsnip4 BITCOIN and the CRYPTO CURRENCY MARKET is soaring again with big gains. 

This is just another example of someone who thinks a 25% or 30% gain at these current price levels is a massive recovery.  He knows all about computers but he cannot calculate basic math:

So Jsnip4 is pumping his usual list again:
  • PPT
  • QTUM
  • OMG
  • SC
  • BTS
  • VERI
  • PLR (sing to Pillar)
  • PIVX
  • ETN
  • and more...


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