Friday, February 9, 2018

Has the ark of the covenant been found?

*****The blood of Jesus has been found*****

Kent Hovind and Ron Wyatt findings

The ark of the covenant found...

The blood of the Lord Jesus found...

Pastor Charles Lawson is quick to identify Kent Hovind as "a brother."  What is the point of this report in finding the ark of the covenant?  Kent Hovind loves sensationalism and he loves to impress people with alleged findings of archaeological findings related to the scripture as if this makes him and his cohorts more elevated "men of God" on God's list.  

Rather than following the admonition of enduring sound doctrine, rightly dividing the word of truth, studying scripture and edifying one another with more of the word of God these men are always busy sitting around like a bunch of Athenians to hear to to tell of some new thing.

There is certainly no famine for making more books and creating all these alleged ministries.  But of hearing the word of the Lord there certainly is a famine today:

This was a while ago already even before Kent Hovind the TAX REBEL went to jail, then go baled out by the brethren financially and then God blessed him with a multi-million dollar ministry and dinosaur park in Alabama.  Amen brother!

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