Friday, October 30, 2015

Giant cracks and gashes in Wyoming raising concerns about Yellowstone SUPER VOLCANO

Is the western United States about to see a SUPER VOLCANO?

Giant craks and gashes appear in Wyoming and other places raising concens about Yellowtone and a MAJOR DISASTER:

All eyes on Yellowstone and the entire western half (or more) of the U.S.A.

Huge cracks and gashes in the earth are occurring across various places in Wyoming east of Yellowstone raising concerns about a possible

Balaams Ass reports the following:

Something is happening below this gash. The earth does not open up without some cause, and with this gash east of Yellowstone caldera, we must assume that an eruption is possible.

When Bible teachers talk about the wrath of God and the arrogant rejection of God by America, the vast majority of Americans laugh. The director of Homeland Security then says that such prophecy teachers are "potential terrorists."

So be it. That is exactly the way I like it. You priests of Baal and Richard Dawkins go right ahead and laugh. When God is ready to destroy the USA, he has many options to choose from. This Yellowstone bomb is just one of them.

By the way, if this caldera blows, it will cover the earth with ash for 350 miles down wind, or worse. People in the area will not be able to escape this because cars do not drive fast enough. Everyone living in this 350 mile zone will be suffocated or suffer serious lung issues. The map shows a worse scenario than mine.