Thursday, July 12, 2012

Time to buy SILVER says SGT REPORT

Steve Quayle says, "...the whole house is being burnt to the ground..."

Sean G. Turnbull says, "...I continue to buy physical silver..."

Here's the latest from the precious metals analysts who say that silver is going to $250, $350, and even $450 and higher... 

Just remember these guys are going to be the new rich class in the new economy.  They will be our rulers and if you would like to review their stand on freedom and liberty just search it here on The News UNIT.   They are deadly criminals and are worse than the banks they call "banksters":
Sgt bullshit buy silver att Any price lol
We're waiting on barnone11967 for a silver update.  I wonder what he's going to say when SILVER hits $15.00?     ...developing...