Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The Resistance Chicks have their own #MAGA CHURCH SERVICE




*****The Battle Against IMPEACHMENT of President Donald Trump is ON*****

Celebrating YOM KIPPUR

"We need a HEAVY DOSE of the HOLY GHOST..."
-Pastor Leah Svensson

Pastor Leah Svensson and her sister Michelle are using the POWER of the Holy Spirit in their TRUMP JUDEO-CHRISTIAN-NEW AGE #MAGA CHURCH SERVICE for REVIVAL AND HEALING.

The RIGHTEOUS RIGHT (REPUBLICANS) are taking back America with President Donald Trump.  God is moving mightily and the fight is on between the GOOD & EVIL along with God's people across the USA.  The DEMOCRAT DEVILS shall be put to flight and America will turn back to God as HEAVEN'S AGENDA HAS BEEN PROPHESIED by Prophet Mark Taylor and more:

THE LEFT are the DEVILS and THE RIGHT are THE RIGHTEOUS here in the USA.  Learn more from this broadcast below as the POWER OF GOD will tip the scales in the PATRIOT'S SCALES. And this is not just about the USA but it is about restoration of England (The U.K.) and God is moving with other countries to bring back nations to God.  This is a MAJOR REVIVAL and more are involved in this as Kanye West also has found God in the TRUMP JUDEO-CHRISTIAN-NEW AGE #MAGA CHURCH/RELIGION:

Pastor Leah has a word from the Lord and she says that conservatives are going to take back the USA, the internet, and much more.  There's a MAJOR VICTORY coming so much so that even Jesus won't have to come back and the kingdom of God can begin right here on the earth: