Thursday, October 3, 2019


*****A NEW RELIGION*****



Let's get an update from the TRUMP JUDEO-CHRISTIAN-NEW AGE #MAGA CHURCH/RELIGION and their members.  

Some of the attributes of these people include the following:

  • They idolize President Trump and claim he is 'born again' and some kind of spiritual man of God with spiritual understanding.
  • They are not in the 'unity of the faith' according to the scripture as many have 'diversities of doctrine' according to their opinions.
  • They have 'prophetic words' that do not line up with that of the HOLY BIBLE (the scriptures).
  • They all have their various diverse 'ministries' and are working together in what they call the GREAT AWAKENING.
  • They have men's persons in admiration because of advantage and like to teach things for filthy lucre's sake.
  • Anyone who is not on their side (which they often call the 'right side') are labeled as 'Democrats' or 'devils' and are treated as they are not of God as they are.
  • They claim to be 'anointed' and have what they call 'the anointing' for whatever God is doing during this time in the Trump Administration.
  • They love the praise of men and to draw away disciples after them in their deception to grow their 'ministries.'
  • They have the wisdom of 'Q' and TRUMPS TWEETS so that they can have 'LT' decode these hidden messages for them as if Q is sort of their SPIRIT GUIDE into all truth of the Trump Administration and refer to President Trump as 'The Maestro.'
  • They are a MIXED MULTITUDE mixing together various Hebrew Roots or Jewishness along with today's general accepted list of 'Christian' denominations and even accept a measure of New Age Spiritualism as additional enlightenment resulting in what they call THE GREAT AWAKENING or HEAVEN'S AGENDA.
I am almost with certainty expecting this movement of the TRUMP JUDEO-CHRISTIAN-NEW AGE #MAGA CHURCH/RELIGION to become the defacto state religion of the USA by default. and It may also lead to persecution of true Christians as those of us in Christ Jesus are attacked if you do not follow their pernicious ways and become Trump and 'Q' worshipers as they are.  Anyone who does not follow this way may suffer loss and be labeled as 'enemies of America' along with how they are categorizing 'Democrats' as if they are all of the Devil and Satan.  

We seem to have REPUBLICANS now who claim to be 'the RIGHTEOUS' while the DEMOCRATS are 'of the Devil and Satan.'

Keep an eye on this huge political categorization as they have their agenda and even have the assistance of other pastors, Rabbis, and various other Judeo-Christian-New Age ministers, prophets, and prophetesses across the world.  We may actually see a new government here in the USA on the order of a QUASI MONARCHICAL OLIGARCHICAL REPUBLIC with a TRUMP DYNASTY to rule our nation as successive Trumps are elected as president after President Donald Trump.

Here are some of these spiritual giants in the TRUMP JUDEO-CHRISTIAN-NEW AGE #MAGA CHURCH/RELIGION and their latest updates:

Christopher McDonald of 'McFiles' on his You Tube Channel and his associates:

An extra special guest with Christopher McDonald is this alleged 'prophet' Mark Taylor who hears from God and has special PROPHETIC WORDS FROM THE LORD:

An ex-Marine known as 'LT' is decoding messages of wisdom and knowledge from 'Q' alerts and Trump's TWEETS using gematria and numerology to give further enlightenment to those in this TRUMP #MAGA RELIGION:

Doug Hagmann with an entire related category of TRUTHERS & PATRIOTS which is another related load of manure and mischief with their alleged intelligence reports from Steve Quayle, Pastor Lankford, and many other sources:

Jonathan Cahn the con-man who is also called a 'Rabbi'....

They believe they are bringing in the kingdom of God now....

Go to 23 MINUTES on this video and listen to how God speaks to his prophet Mark Taylor concerning the word of God....

Prophet Mark Taylor and his pal Christopher McDonald both are kind of like king Saul who went to the woman from Endor with a familiar spirit.  Watch these women who have familiar spirits such as Tiffany FitzHenry and Alexis Buck who are in league with these spiritual pillars today:

Tiffany FitzHenry and Alexis Buck both are women of familiar spirits in this new GREAT AWAKENING....