Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Major Trouble for Trump and Trumpville USA

People are worshiping Trump...

...this is a RELIGION:



The devils are getting revved up across America and the world.  Between many leading Evangelical leaders in the Trump Judeo-Christian-New Age Mixed-Multitude #MAGA Church/Religion and all their NON-PROFIT MINISTRIES there are many rising to lead away disciples after them. The huge following behind Kanye West is one recent example of people being led to believe he (Kanye West) is either Jesus or some prophet of God and this TRUMP #MAGA RELIGIOUS CULT is gaining momentum with its UNITY IN DIVERSITY.

If you are in Christ Jesus then prepare for an onslaught of these devils unlike ever before and take on the whole armour of God to withstand in this evil day.  God may be about to allow the man of sin the son of perdition to be revealed and God's strong delusion may be setting in very soon to damn them that believe not and for those who have pleasure in unrighteousness.

The time is at hand.