Saturday, January 12, 2019

Ray Comfort's NEW VIDEO: If you think you're a Christian, you NEED to watch this!

*****Are you a Christian?*****

Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort out preaching the gospel on his bike with his dog.

he's from Christchurch, New Zealand

Is that where Christ's church is located?

Ray comfort is described as a Christian minister:

Ray Comfort is a New Zealand Christian minister and evangelist who lives in the United States. Comfort started Living Waters Publications and The Way of the Master in Bellflower, California, and has written several books.

So Ray Comfort is not an American but he lives in the USA?

I notice there are quite a few people in Christian ministry that have taken residence in New Zealand.  Seems Chuck Missler was one and even a pastor here has a son who's a missionary there in New Zealand.  Maybe it's a good Christian vocation or career opportunity among other business ventures?  

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