Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Man shot at U.S. Capitol is a Black man now and he's a pastor from Tennessee?

Who is the real Larry Dawson?

We were originally seeing pictures of this Larry Dawson:

And now we have this Larry Dawson being reported:

So who's the real Larry Dawson that was shot in Washington D.C. at the U.S. Capitol on Sunday? We'll let the mainstream media sort it all out for us eventually.

If the story below is accurate we now have a black man named Larry Dawson who is also a Pastor from Tennessee.  Trying to find the truth in the news is not easy with today's misinformation:


America needs to be safe from GUNS and GUN VIOLENCE:

Hillary Clinton will help us all... 

CNN reported that Larry Dawson (whoever he is) is MENTALLY ILL.  Hillary Clinton is currently in Milwaukee, Wisconsin discussing the issue of GUNS at a GUN VIOLENCE FORUM:



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  2. It was not me , it was the other Larry Dawson. I am the white guy.