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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Goodbye Donald Trump and hello Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders

You think us old REPUBLICANS are going to vote for lying Ted Cruz? LOL!

GOP you just earned more votes for either Clinton or Sanders

I'm changing to a DEMOCRAT now!  FULL TICKET!

The entire establishment runs this election and it's obvious.  There's no way anyone in America can fight it.  Even billionaire Donald Trump was unsuccessful:

As I stated in a previous post here is my position in regards to the Trump/GOP DEBACLE:

THE TRUMP/GOP DEBACLE will lead me to vote for Hillary Clinton:

Given the current situation with Donald Trump being assaulted by the enemies of America and how the powers that be are indeed in control of our nation's political process, it looks like Donald Trump will have to withdraw from the campaign for president.  

The Republicans have demonstrated to me that they are very dangerous enemies of America. How these alleged conservative Christian Republicans attacked Donald Trump along with the state of our nation with the economy and the ongoing destruction of middle class and lower class Americans, I shall be inclined now to vote for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.  

Many of us REPUBLICANS are fed up with the REPUBLICAN PARTY now and will be forced to turn to the DEMOCRATS for our own financial survival and government benefits.  There's just no other way now since Donald Trump is being taken out:

So once I see the GOP enemies of America finally betray Donald Trump to the point of his withdrawal from the race I am turning to vote for the DEMOCRATS and give America what it wants.  As a matter of fact it is going to be what we all need now to survive as slaves to the system even to the point of handing in our guns.  

Go Bernie and Hillary!  I want to survive as a poor American now.  There's just no other way:

Michael Savage you sure tried sir!  But we all lose now:

I have to hand it to Michael Savage who really explains the state of America here in his recent report. The fact that many of us who were hoping we could trust the REPUBLICANS have found out now that they are enemies of America themselves.  So we have to join the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS now and vote for our survival.  We just aren't in a position to fight.  And it appears even billionaire Donald Trump is no match against Wall Street and the Goldman Sachs and other hedge funds: 

Give our regards to Donald Trump for whatever it means.  We understand our destiny now: 

I realize Michael Savage says, "Liberalism is a mental disorder." But remember in this new world system of Communitarianism or whatever you call it we are all going to be diagnosed with mental disorders and hand in our guns.  So it's all ok now as we comply and submit to the New World Order.  You cannot fight against it: 

Go Hillary Clinton!

The Clinton Global Initiative will prevail:


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