Monday, October 19, 2015

The name Vince Foster resurfaces around Hillary Clinton and GUN CONFISCATION

Are Hillary Clinton's EMAIL's revealing more conspiracies?

I don't know all the details and true and certain facts surrounding all of our current events here in America and throughout the world but I know this:  God is going to judge the secrets of men and there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed.  If you're no in Christ Jesus then you're going to be really jammed up.

This post may not be clear to some as it is a difficult study when you enter into all this chaos, confusion and every evil work that's going on today.  The bottom line is that there is just so much corruption and so many rank criminals in the high places today who have made so much mischief:

GUN CONFISCATION and what's with Vince Foster?

The coming infringement on the right to keep and bear arms is going to be huge and is currently being worked on.  THIS TIME IT'S REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN, AND WHETHER THIS LEADS TO A REVOLUTION IS ENTIRELY POSSIBLE.  Lawless lawmakers and oath of office violators are working diligently to destroy America.  But why?

I'm reviewing the death of Vince Foster.  Who do you think killed Vince Foster?  There's quite a trail of blood behind the lady in red who was speaking in New Hampshire recently:

The Clinton Gun Control Initiative

The Clinton Global Initiative

These are rank Communists and enemies of America

For some reason they thrive on that word "DEMOCRACY"

WATCH and LISTEN to Hillary conduct her recent town hall meeting and start a new Clinton anti-Constitution and Gun Confiscation Initiative: 

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