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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Muslim awareness is rising in America and Bernie Sanders hugs a Muslim

Bernie Sanders stands with Muslims

Maybe we should hug a Muslim everyday?

And lets learn their religion too?

Schools across America are already teaching our children about the Muslim religion while prayer to God is restricted and sometime outright banned.  We are also learning that if you believe in God you can fail your tests and get low grades.  Meanwhile READING and MATH SKILLS suffer and the next generation of Mark Zuckerberg types is sprawling as they know how to run their smart phones and pads and all manner of software and apps along with games and the daily norm of social media:

So let's watch the Jew Sanders here hug a Muslim and make the headlines.  I'm wondering though is this Muslim of the Louis Farrakhan Clan or of the actual Ishmaelites?

WATCH THE VIDEO.  I hope it reveals where this nation is headed with Bernie Sanders and his unified American culture of chaos as Bernie Sanders stands with Muslims, gays,



  1. under sharia aren't you supposed to be beheadded or thrown off a roof for touching a woman that's not yours?

  2. The Koran says that when you are weak, pretend to be their friends then when you are strong, crush them


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