Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Matt Drudge interview with Alex Jones

The end of FREE PRESS and FREE SPEECH is near

Americans are sick in the head

MASS MEDIA has become a habitation of devils

Matt Drudge visits Alex Jones to expose Hillary Clinton

Just about every technological tool is a habitation of devils and unclean spirits.  Matt Drudge for some reason was afraid to get on camera but he had a load of observations to share from his own experiences in news dissemination and media.

I was right when I said the foundations of America are EDUCATION and ENTERTAINMENT.  However EDUCATION is not what you think it is.  EDUCATION has been transformed into INDOCTRINATION and BRAINWASHING while ENTERTAINMENT is become a MIND CRUSHING MIND WARPING PHENOMENA OF MIND CONTROL:

But why did Matt Drudge just all of the sudden appear on the Alex Jones Show?  He did so and stayed in the shadows away from the camera, but he was really there with a message on Hillary Clinton: 



  1. I note that Drudge used NO profanity, and no OMG blasphemy. But, he sounded as articulate as Winston Churchill, AND ad lib. But, the thing that really got my attention was his brilliant way of describing the mind of America in General, and the Internet in particular. He inspired me to be more blunt with my Facebook entries. We are all too prone to be cautious and not offend, so we say nothing that matters. Watch the kitty pick the puppy's nose. How touching. My pet frog had babies, about 700 of them, in the bath tub.

    1. facebook?? really?? unless you plan on telling 700 others how tying your shoes was your today's life ever best accomplishment, nobody there will give a shit otherwise .


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