Sunday, October 18, 2015

Irwin Schiff, Peter Schiff's dad died October 16, 2015

Irwin Schiff (February 23, 1928 - October 15, 2015)

Apparently Irwin Schiff died in prison (we will learn more...)

Was Irwin Schiff a tax rebel or did he know what he was talking about?

PAY ATTENTION TO THIS as Peter Schiff will likely have more videos concerning his dad Irwin Schiff and what he stood for as an American:

Irwin Schiff is a man I know very little about but now that he's died it looks like I'm going to learn more about him and about the state of our nation in the process.  Truth is coming out more and more today about this Federal Government and many other criminal tentacles that flow out from Washington D.C. and all the rest of the unconstitutional and unlawful dealings that are going on in our nation today:

Peter Schiff wrote the following on this YOU TUBE VIDEO about his dad:

My father, Irwin A. Schiff was born Feb. 23rd 1928, the 8th child and only of son of Jewish immigrants, who had crossed the Atlantic twenty years earlier in search of freedom. As a result of their hope and courage my father was fortunate to have been born into the freest nation in the history of the world. But when he passed away on Oct. 16th, 2105 at the age of 87, a political prisoner of that same nation, legally blind and shackled to a hospital bed in a guarded room in intensive care, the free nation he was born into had itself died years earlier.