Monday, October 19, 2015

High School Football under review after 6th death so far this season

It's time to make football safer...


Ask Obama what he thinks after the 6th death

Why wasn't this done sooner this year?

Do we want another dead player?

I don't know if you watched the Colts vs. Patriots game but there was the worse play ever seen in the history of football: 

It seems that everyone is going nuts and perhaps losing control of their minds.  Maybe because of all the electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices we are being subject to a mild form of UNWANTED TRANSCRANIAL MAGNETIC STIMULATION which is having adverse effects on the human mind?  It's entirely possible.  I'm sure the experts can explain that one.

America is just continually full of all manner of tragedies from gun tragedies to even toy gun tragedies in Cleveland, Ohio as the Tamir Rice case heats up again.  We will need to ban all guns, toy guns, and probably even the old football itself soon to make our country safer for democracy.  Something just has to be done: