Monday, August 31, 2015

SILVER loses its industrial appeal as SOLAR TECHNOLOGY no longer needs it

New solar technology breakthroughs are changing the entire industry

SILVER DEMAND likely to fall off sharply

We live in the age of change and only a mind that exercises logic and reason will be beneficial in these times of advanced knowledge and understanding.  And so it goes for commodities as technology is able to create things that have no need for historic raw materials.  We are moving into a day where man is so powerful that he has actually figuring out ways to create things never before realized.

There really is no need for SILVER and probably even GOLD anymore in the new global economy and the prices should continue to keep on dropping:


  1. Silver becoming money again, stunning retail demand in progress. Industrial demand irrelevant. Hit the lights before you leave. :)

    1. Do you not believe the men who preach logic and reason? They are the ones who have rational thought? Oh ye of little understanding! It's time to be a Dudist Priest.

  2. Whatever. FreedomForceUSA is a silver permabear. His story never changes. The guy comes up with every reason NOT to like silver. He ignores doing his own research and relies instead on the Edward Jones advisor's. I think some people just like to suck off the bankers, this dude's one of them.


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