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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Signs of a MASSIVE STOCK MARKET CRASH are evident

The entire GLOBAL ECONOMY is getting more unstable

Futures already very unstable...

The U.S. DOLLAR also becoming increasingly unstable



  1. Extremely dangerous situation developing...

    1. Stay in cash and hold metals in possession (don't buy more now). HANG ON!!!

    2. If I had to take a guess on what's ahead here's what I would speculate:

      The world is preparing for the man of sin the son of perdition. Whoever that is we don't know until they are revealed. In the meantime every faker Christian or religious person wants to make a name for themselves, write books, have the preeminence one way or another, etc. Evil men and seducers are waxing worse and worse deceiving and being deceived and with our technology today at their disposal they have all the tools needed to create loads of chaos, misinformation, entertainment (even in the news), and all manner of crazy things never before realized. The social media craze is also being setup to "connect" everyone like the old CISCO COMMERCIAL said we're all going to get back to work and be connected and how it's the next best thing, etc.

      I put stuff up here to look at in regards to current events but the deception is so great today that you have to be cautious about it all as it is for ENTERTAINMENT and EDUCATIONAL purposes only and many times it's not real. That sounds creepy but at least we all know how we can trust Obama and the Obama government in all of this.


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