Thursday, August 27, 2015

LIVE TV SHOOTING on WDBJ caught on camera raises questions

I said in my haste, All men are liars.
--PSALM 116.11

Who's telling the truth in the news?

Just what is this news we have today?


Walmart pulls AR-15's and SHOTGUNS permanently from sales

Big movement against GLOCK and AR-15 firearms begins again

The killing of a reporter and cameraman that was televised live on WDBJ-TV7 in Roanoke, Virginia is raising questions all across America as to where there is any truth in the news.  Reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward were gunned down by an alleged former employee of the TV STATION who also reportedly filmed his own shooting and then posted it on FACEBOOK.  The reaction across America and the world is raising many questions about this event as to what really happened and why along with various strange reactions over guns again and even Walmart banning the AR-15 and various shotguns from its sporting goods.

America is reacting to strange ways and reports are even surfacing that raise additional questions about these events while the answers remain loaded with questions and misinformation in a day where professional photo-shopped video software, pictures and all manner of information disseminated can be made to look real due to advanced technology leading to questions as to whether this really is a true story and what indeed are the real facts.  

Some say not only mainstream media but also alternative media reports are leading viewers to ask whether there is any truth in the news.  Just who is telling the truth these days?

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  • Vester Lee Flanagan


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