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Monday, August 31, 2015

CRUDE OIL rises 21% in 6 days and prices are going much higher

*****CRUDE OIL set to rise to $100 and higher*****

In an economy where there is no longer economics...

SUPPLY GLUT news makes no difference in the new economy


OPEC now concerned with low oil prices

In a market where everything is manipulated and the laws of economics are no longer definable nor is any technical or fundamental analysis valid we now have situations where only speculation reigns supreme.  Nevertheless speculation when done with logic and reason can be quite accurate since rational thought is the most powerful tool to be used today in a day where many are running to and fro and knowledge is increased.

So what do you believe?  Some say CRUDE OIL is about to take off to $100 to $140 in short order which means probably the next 12 months or less.  Recently WTI CRUDE OIL rose over 21% in only 6 days (and going higher) and GASOLINE futures are rising in correlation.  So how high will it go?  The answer is as high as the insiders want it to go.  Get used to the new economy as it has been redefined and there is no longer economics:

The consumer has to be placed in a position now to suffer some more losses.  The season of cheap fuel prices is coming to an end.



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