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Saturday, January 24, 2015

What is happening to our GOOGLE HANGOUTS?

Some recent observations on THE GOOGLE HANGOUTS

GOOGLE+ Hangouts needs improvements

For those of you who have been wondering why the usual group that participates in GOOGLE HANGOUTS hasn't been around recently here are what I believe to be some of the reasons why:
  • The hangouts are getting old and people naturally are becoming annoyed at some of the participants and with each other.
  • Other hangouts have split off of this hangout.
  • The News UNIT prefers to do broadcast style hangouts and will be more selective as to who the immediate participants are and whether they have a genuine interest in the content and participation.
  • Too much drama for some and not enough for others has caused some conflict and divisions between participants.
  • GOOGLE PROBLEMS:  GOOGLE has improved the GOOGLE+ and HANGOUTS to the point where it is very USER UNFRIENDLY and MANY THINGS DO NOT WORK PROPERLY INCLUDING INVITATIONS.  You simply cannot invite certain usernames regardless if they are in your circles or not.  It could be a very large part of the problem as many of their improvements are actually making the system much worse.  Ever since they slaved YOU TUBE with GOOGLE it has been a nightmare to learn the GOOGLE+ system.
  • Also, I do not get any invites anymore and others are having the same problem.  The username that I prefer to use is "newsunit."  I'm having some GOOGLE+ problems and once again I consider the system slaved with YOU TUBE to be VERY USER UNFRIENDLY and any improvements are continually making matters worse.
I want to say in closing that I have mostly enjoyed the hangouts whether they were private, public, and especially the ON THE AIR HANGOUTS.  Lately I do notice that there are some participants which choose to cause disruptions and interference and this hasn't been very useful to provide an atmosphere of group participation and has caused some good participants to leave the hangouts.  

It is unfortunate that this has occurred but if you are one of the folks who would simply like to hangout again please leave a COMMENT below with your GOOGLE USERNAME and I might consider resurrecting the old style hangout again at times here on Google.

Many of you folks have been very friendly and the various interactions on the hangouts have resulted in a few lasting friendships for myself in real life.  I wish you all well as I will likely revert to mostly my broadcast style transmissions and plan to keep with the usual style of news and weather and plan to have a few interesting guests along the way.  

If you are not subscribed to "newsunit" YOU TUBE CHANNEL you might want to do so.  That is where the uploads will be sent along with being embedded here on The News UNIT Blogspot.  

I wish you all well and happy hangouts.


The News UNIT


  1. I enjoy listening to the Hangouts when certain fellows show up but ive been so busy the last few months and still busy till summer I just got no time anymore. I like drama but some you tubers get on my nerves because they are stupid or boring. And besides they all want to talk about silver, I mean really grown men on a Friday night talking about collecting silver coins is really strange to me lol. We all know silver is likely going down later on this year so it is hard to talk about an investment that is losing value and wont be rising for a quite a while.

    1. Yes things have certainly moved toward an unusual one-track style mindset in relationship to certain commodities. Gold and silver now have no value whatsoever and they will certainly keep on dropping. More analysts are saying to steer clear of such an unwanted asset. Good luck on the charts.


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