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Saturday, January 24, 2015

GOLD and SILVER dealers now admit GOLD and SILVER are price controlled

They are even calling it THE NEXT RAID...

What an environment called THE GLOBAL ECONOMY!  I tend to believe Dr. Paul Craig Roberts' observation when he says we no longer have an economy.  Now we have what appears to be an environment of DESPERATE INVESTORS and TRADERS trying to navigate the GLOBAL CRIMINAL ECONOMY and generate decent returns.  

There are even increasing questions as to whether GOLD and SILVER even play a apart in an investment portfolio or are they a dying commodity.  How long will this entire economic system remain cohesive or will is eventually pull apart?  That's a good question as we watch the entire system being run by central bank intervention.

(In the video below you might want to FAST FORWARD thought the blonde bimbos introduction to get to the meat of the message.)


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