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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Learn more about SILVER and Drutter's Divergence

Drutter puts the U.S. MINT on NOTICE

Drutter just put the U.S. MINT on notice that they are going to have to make a lot more silver and he and others are going to buy so much silver there will be a shortage.  He is also not allowing his video to be embedded and disables COMMENTS too.  You'll have to watch it yourself at THIS LINK:

Remember the U.S. MINT is on notice by drutter. :-) 

Here's some good SILVER history and how Drutter and his "Drutter's Divergence" made the headlines with Mike Maloney: 

There's nothing wrong with GOLD and SILVER

Sit quietly Drutter and the powers that be will control what you see and hear...

Tacos lets the pumpers have it (especially Mannarino):


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