Wednesday, October 30, 2013



1 oz. = $50,000

Jim Sinclair (known as "Mr. Gold") explains the perils of the current economy and why it is of utmost importance for people to take owning PHYSICAL GOLD extremely serious as the current economic woes to worsen.

Jim Sinclair says we are facing the annihilation of currency and he is expecting that GOLD will be $50,000 per ounce.  Jim explains emphatically what people can expect and what they should be doing to protect their financial solvency in this interview below.

The GREAT RESET of 2016

Jim Sinclair projects the price of GOLD rising above $1650 in the near term and to be somewhere in the vicinity of $2,400 to $3,500 by the year 2016.

The GREAT LEVELING starts in 2014 which takes out the MIDDLE CLASS with a peak in the stock market and higher interest rates.  After the GREAT LEVELING from 2014 through 2016 the BRICS NATIONS will be strengthening and he warns the US DOLLAR INDEX will dive to 70 which will signify QE TO INFINITY.  

Jim's primary concern is what he calls COMFORT IN THE U.S. BANKING SYSTEM and expects people to incur 80% losses in account holdings.
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