Friday, December 7, 2012

Who is Syrian Girl? Find out here

I know I'm on the cutting edge of exposing this conspiracy: 

Meet The "Syrian Girl" Mimi Al Laham

Who is she--really?  The News UNIT is going to find out... 

I suspected there was a question about who Syrian Girl is and Alex Jones is immediately on the defense as he introduces her here.  Syrian Girl appears to be an actress who shows up now and then for special events such as this interview on INFOWARS:

(and notice Alex has to affirm her credibility right in the beginning here--He's not sure who she really is...)

Why doesn't he ever introduce her by Mimi Al Laham?  I guess it's just like SGTbull07 and BrotherJohnF:

Conspiracy Propaganda Theatre

This is what I'm going to call CONSPIRACY PROPAGANDA THEATRE and it could very well be that INFOWARS is part of a larger network of bullshit.  I'm going to find out--I PROMISE!

She is certainly an actress and maybe a dancer or equivalent.  She's probably back in the U.S.A. again at one of your local shopping malls.  This is the time of year now you see them before and during the Christmas and New Year's Seasons.

But what does all this mean?

It's rather complicated but yet not so complicated but I will divulge this truth as it pertains to current events:  This is a large coordinated effort to destroy The United States Of America and turn it into a "MUSLIM NATION" of even more chaos and conflict.  

Fighting is coming to American soil soon.  Mark it down!

Check out this Morning Myan chick too and some more suspects: 



  1. she lives in australia ,, in victoria !!!


    for an actor, she is very well versed.

  3. U a dumb pethetic american illuminati asshole.u so decieved u dont know if u coming or going.HEY!!!!!!ur shoe lases are hanging out,,,,of f ur illuminati asshole goverment s ass.IT STINKS!!!!!!!!

  4. So.. let me get this straight. You think that Alex Jones, who is a self proclaimed Christian Libertarian, informing and fighting against the NWO (Illuminati) is actually a double agent working for the illuminati? Wow ... you bring conspiracy craziness to a whole new level. Maybe YOU are spreading these crazy, easily debunkable conspiracy theories as a false flag to garner distrust of anyone who questions the mainstream and discredit people who actually do have valid points (not saying what Alex Jones says is valid). Therefore, you are an Illuminati Triple Agent. Hmm... food for thought.


    For some unbiased, investigative journalism on Syria and the who is who, watch this.

  6. Alex Jones is a millionaire, not a Christian. Then, nobody out there say they are but arent, right...
    Follow the money. GCN has major Zionist donors and Jones's lawyer is lawyer to richest Zionist family in USA. His wife and children allow him dual citizenship to Israel. Look it up. Oh and if you call me an anti-Semitic. You are stupid because Jews are not Arabs.

  7. This article is filth
    Yeah Alex jones is a shill and a liar and a fraud.

    But Syrian Girl is one of the best informed analysts on Syria. that's why she is hated and that's why one sees dreadful articles like this

    This website (The lol "News Unit") can easily be dismissed out of hand.

    A "dancer"

    you are some cunt, I tell you.


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