Monday, May 21, 2012

Chicago NATO Riots are all B.S.

Watch the LIVE video and see for yourself: 

I just watched some of this and heard a reporter talking on her cell phone and saying,  "...we are on the corner of Clark and Washington and we're not sure what the protestors are going to do.  There's no plan and everyone is just sitting around right now..."

The Hollywood actors are all there again!  This is all done to fool most Americans into thinking that this is some big deal and potential "terrorist threat" etc.  

Some say this event is costing taxpayers an estimated $100 Million.  With 1,800 protestors that's a payment (or salary) of $55,555.55 per protestor.   

Occupy Wall Street was an act.  So is this Chicago crap!  So is "Syrian Girl" a phony!  There is so much B.S. in the news today:


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