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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chaos isn't coming. It's already here:

Where's the panic?  The chaos is here but it's manageable.  No one is jumping out of skyscrapers and there's no social unrest.  There are the fear mongers who are pumping their usual fear porn but they have to have something to do to keep them occupied.  Even Occupy Wall Street has flamed out across the country and Ron Paul ends up a quitter and succumbs to politics.

Now we have Dan Norcini known as "Trader Dan" who is also hooked into the NIA and with various leaders in precious metals through Jim Sinclair et al.  Also we have James Turk calling for mass panic and chaos also here.  

Sorry to say that even though we are likely to see Wall Street stock indices dive to some very low levels this will not cause any mass panic in the streets.  Most people don't trade the market and those that do are at the mercy of the high frequency tracking software which is used to manipulate market activity and so cleverly written to take down most small investors unawares.  

These guys are running out of things to say now so they are beating the air with anything that comes to their mind.  And they are not going away either because their agenda is to keep marketing their product and making more and more money.  They have more than heart could wish and yet they want---MORE! 


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