Sunday, January 29, 2012

Too big to fail? Or too big to bail?

When the bailouts go global where do they go next?  
With the IMF commanding $500 BILLION on top of already SEVERAL HUNDRED BILLION secret and other historic bailouts and manipulation, where do we go from here?  There just has to be a CURRENCY RESET coming or some other economic implosion.  Either way the recent meeting in Davos, Switzerland has George Soros sneering at capitalism as Christine Legarde commands another $500 BILLION U.S. DOLLAR injection on top of recent TENS-OF-TRILLIONS into the ECB.  Rather interesting that our own U.S. Treasury will print money for the Federal Reserve to hand out to the globalists.  Well, it's been happening all along it's just everyone accepts it now as normal. 

So the middle class is being destroyed in America and rumors of a revolution are starting to pick up among alternative news commentators.  Even SGTbull07 took a video of himself shooting his handgun and claims he's concerned about the recent New Jersey legislation to nullify the SECOND AMENDMENT rights of "we the sheeple".   I'd like to believe he's being honest but I have my suspicions.  I have reason to suspect he's a closet ANARCHIST and perhaps a potential terrorist.  One thing is certain and that he is being monitored by Homeland Security and they know more about us than we even know about ourselves:

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It's going to get ugly folks! The wrath of God is coming upon the earth:


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