Saturday, January 28, 2012

Alex Jones BREAKING NEWS from his home video

Got AMMO?  Here comes the GUN GRAB:
This guy is not kidding!  I like Alex but I'm always annoyed by the ignorance of the gospel of Christ.  Nevertheless listen to what he has to say here about some BREAKING NEWS I won't mention.  He does it quite well himself:

Sean G. Turnbull is a faker.  He really doesn't like guns and I doubt that's him in the video as he states below.  So many times I've heard him avoid the topic of guns when Bob Chapman mentions them on his own interviews and now all of the sudden he acts like he's concerned for the 2nd Amendment rights of the U.S. Constitution.  I'm not convinced.  

This guy SGTbull07 along with barnone11967, BrotherJohnF, and dutchsinse are all YOU TUBE channels that promote a load of false information even making it appear rather believable.  I've been blocked by these liberty loving free speech and peace and love people for making any comments.  They like their freedom of deception and like to tag on their false "peace" or "much love" nonsense.  They also strive to manufacture some very convincing and deceptive videos.  I'll never trust this guy after he went after Cory C. for free speech several months ago and never admitted he was wrong.  That's what happens Sean when you are a closet corporate YOU TUBE crony capitalist only interested in videos for profit. 

Who cares about New Jersey?  I'd rather find the states that are those who stand for liberty and live there.  


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