Sunday, March 7, 2021

The gospel of Christ confusion and 'born again' confusion of Christian preachers today

What is THE GOSPEL today?

Are these charts correct?

Are gospel tracts preaching THE GOSPEL?

Does anyone really know and teach and preach the gospel of God?

Do Christians really preach the gospel of Christ?

Do they preach the kingdom of heaven or the kingdom of God?

You mean you can't get saved by the GOSPEL OF JOHN?

Wow! More confusion to iniquity!

Who are the true preachers and teachers?
  • Tim Henderson?
  • Gregg Jackson?
  • Robert Breaker?
  • Watchwoman 65?
  • Watchman 88?
  • Chelsi Bedell?
  • Crissi Knox?
  • Diamondustification?
  • Barry Scarbrough?
  • True Salvation?
  • Defending the Faith?
  • Mr. Christian?
  • Pastor David Reid?
  • Pastor Rodney Beaulieu?
  • Pastor Charles Lawson?
  • Pastor James Knox?
  • Peter Ruckman?
  • Chick Tracts? (repenting of sin?)
  • The News UNIT? (Of course not he's Satan right there—that guy is evil! BLOCK HIM!)

Must YE be BORN AGAIN or not according to the GOSPEL OF JOHN? Watchwoman 65 gives the gospel from 1 CORINTHIANS 15.1-4 on almost every video she uploads...(but she never quotes it correctly; I guess it doesn't matter...)...

Listen here NEWS UNIT!  You are Satan and you are lost and the demons still have some good left in them...but we're praying for you so 'depart be ye warmed and filled...'

"...BLOCK THE NEWS UNIT!....we're on to you NEWS UNIT!...I pray for you BUT..."

OPEN REBUKE to the NEWS UNIT from diamondustification (a.k.a. "Jesse"): At least it's better than SECRET LOVE...

Daniel (formerly 'Jesus is my Lord and my God' channel) on 'True Salvation' You Tube Channel says there are some demons that still have some good left in them...but the News UNIT is going to hell!...