Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Liars Of The Truth Movement

 "Hello folks and friends, connecting dots here..."

Hey you're just another Sprott Brother's Cartel and NIA Mafia silver pumper.  Sounds like the silver community is getting on each other's nerves.  You are all full of shit because silver will never go above $50 an ounce.  Most of you are all related to one another anyway and are trying to get some coordinated pumping going again but finally a good chunk of the sheeple wised up to your con-man games.

It's just a matter of time now and you will all fall apart.  Maybe you can all party in the FEMA Camp together one day and have a bash with Ke$ha the goddess of death?  

By the way there are no "chemtrails" and there's a very harmless Fukushima fallout that's long gone already.  Other than that if you want some more disaster B.S. go stroke around with someone like "9Nania" or "dutchsinse" to get your buzz on.

I knew this weasel would delete my comments.  They have to have have everyone in agreement with them all the time to solace their balls together like a bunch of queers.  Same goes for barnone11967 as anyone with an opinion is not allowed to voice it.  Get bent pal!  Here's how the silver mafia behaves when you're onto them:

Reply to your comment on: Silver Fake out at $50/oz ?...are YOU a real truther?
glad you had your BS comments and now I can delete them and block your lying sack of shit ass off my channel!
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