Friday, November 8, 2019

Chelsea Bedell is headed for hell

*****Chelsea Bedell is headed for hell*****

Chelsea Bedell believes on another Jesus...

...which is not another...

...she perverts the gospel of Christ...

She has a high opinion of herself and her discernment and she hears from God in visions and dreams:

" if somebody-if Joel Osteen or one of the big churches ever invited me (not that they ever would I'm just saying)--if they ever invited me to come talk I would not say "no" because I don't agree with their teaching.  I would say "yes" because I would want to get on stage and speak to that congregation about things that have been laid upon my heart from the Lord. You know what I'm saying?"
--Chelsea Bedell

Yes we know what you're saying all right.  We know that you have not the Spirit of Christ and you care not for the truth in Christ therefore you have another spirit, another gospel, and another Jesus.   

Chelsea Bedell is headed to hell and she doesn't even know it.  She's so deceived as she runs her 'ministry' from her car and most likely she's a NON-PROFIT also.  In this video you will hear her claim she has a high level of spiritual discernment as she mentions other preachers.

She is looking to be invited also to Joel Osteen's church and likely will be a good candidate for the 'Christian Church of Satan' where she will be as an angel of light and a good successor to other devils like Paula White-Cain who is the White House  Spiritual Adviser to President Donald Trump.

Perhaps Chelsea is being groomed for the Trump Administration or at least some 'spirit filled' mega-church or of course the TRUMP JUDEO-CHRISTIAN-NEW AGE #MAGA CHURCH/RELIGION also.  She  has the credentials...she has the devils...

She does not have the Spirit of God.  If she had the Spirit of God she would speak the words of God and she would not submit to her own private interpretations of dreams, visions, and her doctrines of devils:

So Chelsea Bedell is headed for hell and when she dies she will be there burning in one-nanosecond or less for eternity with Todd White, Kenneth Copeland, and Joel Osteen: