Thursday, September 5, 2019

Trump's TWEET on 'Rad' was removed by TWITTER TODAY


Is President Trump being censored by TWITTER?

President Trump's TWEET and @raducom account suspended by TWITTER:


I noticed a TWEET today September 5, 2019 by President Trump praising 'Rad' as I remember it it said something like "good job Rad' by President Trump and then it was shortly gone and the account @raducom was suspended by TWITTER.  It had to do with black people looking good in a #MAGA hat or something and I tried to click it again and it was all gone from my TWITTER ALERTS.  I then went to President Trump's site and the post was all gone including a thread of comments that was there.  

What is going on with TRUMP'S MISSING TWEET today and this @raducom account suspension by TWITTER?

Is this more censorship of free speech and discussion?