Sunday, September 1, 2019

The wisdom of God and God's hand on President Trump according to what God told Pastor Steve Cioccolanti

*****God's blessings on President Trump are evident******

President Trump is well blessed:

Trump is ageless:

With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation.
-PSALM 91.16


He is also 'the trumpet' and 'man of God' for the world:

TRUMP and the TRUMP DYNASTY may reign as the king of all nations:

Perhaps President Trump is God's man to become KING?  Prophet Mark Taylor reveals that God told him there will be successive presidents heading for the White House who are all of the Trump family and bear the Trump name.  And if God told him, you know it shall come to pass:

Pastor Steve Cioccolanti from Australia who is a TRUMP JUDEO-CHRISTIAN #MAGA CHURCH leader explains what God told him concerning President Trump...and what a younger wife can do for a man...and more....

Learn the reasons why President Trump is not aging: 

"happy wife longer life"

  • Trump is married to a beautiful much younger wife Melania and she is a super model besides.  
  • He does not drink alcohol and is not a drunk.
  • He does not smoke.
  • Donald Trump is honest and speaks the truth.  He is not a liar.
  • He's an optimist and will win the 2020 election hands down.