Saturday, September 7, 2019

President Trump is now a Meteorologist over the Hurricane Dorian controversy

******Meteorologist Donald Trump******

So President Trump is defending himself against the mainstream media for mentioning Alabama in the original forecast track of Hurricane Dorian.  Well, those of us who know weather knew the original model predictions took this hurricane into central Florida and of course he's not wrong to mention Alabama getting possibly grazed by it even though the cone didn't place Alabama in the exact trajectory.  It is just obvious if the hurricane was forecast to move west that Alabama could have been next along with the western panhandle of Florida.  So who really cares anyway?  Are you supposed to think the hurricane is just going to stop moving and sit in central Florida because the FORECAST CONE stops there?  And then of course the models completely changed and took Hurricane Dorian north along the southeastern coast of the CONUS.  

What's the big deal anyway?  Maybe it's time to realize you can't trust the models?

*****...and FAKE WEATHER:******

Are these President Trump's actual TWEETS?

Or are these FAKE TWEETS?

I guess he really thinks Hurricane Dorian hit Alabama?