Wednesday, July 10, 2019

More about Jesus and the word of God or CROP CIRCLES

Dear Mr. Charles Lawson:

Please teach MORE of THE WORD OF GOD!

No doubt Pastor Charles Lawson is a much better man in Christ than I am but I have to give my own observation on the matter of his messages:

Pastor Charles Lawson has fallen into the mire of sensationalism and current events which is easy enough to do but even as rough around the edges as I am I seek to teach more of the word of God in my presentations than these guys do with their gospel of current events.

I would think Pastor Lawson would try to cram more of the HOLY BIBLE in his messages than his own eloquent expository on subjects such as crop circles, CERN, and other topics when we need more of the word of God to edification these days.  But I guess such is the way of preachers today with LESS HOLY BIBLE and more talk radio style messages. Very sad way to end his pastorate:

Compare my messages which I stopped making because of lack of interest.  I realize the listeners are more interested in news and comment with a little measure of the HOLY BIBLE and Jesus thrown in for a garnish: