Monday, July 1, 2019

ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook, Twitter, Google, You Tube, Apple, Instagram, Discord, and more....



The Connected Generation

Discord vs. Unity in Diversity

Peace & Safety


Be safe!


Bitcoin/Cryptos and The Beast 666

Artificial Intelligence


Virtual Reality

Online stores, services, drone delivery...

...Amazon, Alibaba, and The Secret Police:

Where are we going people?  What is happening to the USA and THE ENTIRE WORLD with all this connectivity and all the wonderful things with it like the list above?  Is the entire world about to be judged of God or are the prophecies of Prophet Mark Taylor about Trump leading us into the Kingdom of God about to come to pass?

The word of God vs. DISCORD

Today we are living directly in line with tHOLY BIBLE which are the HOLY SCRIPTURES and the AUTHORIZED (KING MAJES) VERSION is hated by many not only in the USA but across the world in any English speaking capacity.  Regardless of your position today in your religion or your alleged spirituality that you of, it is at least clear to those of us who believe the books in the book THE HOLY BIBLE A(KJ)V that we are in some very PERILOUS TIMES and it very strongly appears that we are very close to the day of Christ and various events that confirm the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ on top of all of this DISCORD which is an abomination to God but nevertheless shall be as it is:

So you say you don't believe what THE HOLY BIBLE says and you have your own religion or new age spirituality or Gnostic heresy?  Well did you know there must be these things and you fit right into your nitch and you are either one of THEM THAT BELIEVE or THEM THAT BELIEVE NOT?  So you will receive your reward.  You think there's KARMA or maybe you just think you are enlightened and took the red pill and are entering a NEW AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT to who God really is and who Jesus is; and various other connections you seem to think you have to the WISDOM OF THE UNIVERSE through YOGA, MEDITATION, or NOMINAL CHRISTIANITY. and any other form of MYSTICISM you might embrace:

Whatever it is that you are of THE HOLY BIBLE A(KJ)V is not really too popular with you.  You would rather embrace DISCORD and be increased with KNOWLEDGE running to and fro with the rest of the world as it is written:

But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. 
-DANIAL 12.4

So about this DISCORD?  Can anyone walk together today and agree?

Can two walk together, except they be agreed?
-AMOS 3.3

That's a good question.  Just ponder for a moment today's so-called 'UNITY IN DIVERSITY' and all the 'PEACE and SAFETY' that everyone is so eager to have through the NEW WORLD ORDER and SECURITY FEATURES all geared toward keeping us all safe and secure.  Are things really getting better?  Or are evil men and seducers waxing worse and worse?

I choose to believe God and THE HOLY BIBLE A(KJ)V which is not a popular position to take.  In fact I have suffered for it and expect to continuously suffer loss for it in many ways and have even been straight out told that "his religion is weird."  So be it then.  My religion as you call it is weird. Even so, come Lord Jesus:

Get disconnected:  Connect with the living and true God:

Oh I forgot to get into the aspects of ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA. So here's my request to you.  Take one day away from it all.  Can you actually get DISCONNECTED for a day from the ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA and today's TECHNOLOGY.  Is there a quiet place?  Can you rest a while?  Maybe there is not rest today?  What happened?  Ponder that if you can last outside your SAFE SPACE for a QUIET PLACE.  Is there such a QUIET PLACE anymore?  Selah.

DISCORD, noun [Latin]

1. Disagreement among persons or things. Between persons, difference of opinions; variance; opposition; contention; strife; any disagreement which produces angry passions, contest, disputes, litigation or war. discord may exist between families, parties and nations.

2. Disagreement; want of order; a clashing.

All discord harmony not understood.

3. In music, disagreement of sounds; dissonance; a union of sounds which is inharmonious, grating and disagreeable to the ear; or an interval whose extremes do not coalesce. Thus the second and the seventh, when sounded together, make a discord The term discord is applied to each of the two sounds which form the dissonance, and to the interval; but more properly to the mixed sound of dissonant tones. It is opposed to concord and harmony.

DISCORD, verb intransitive To disagree; to jar; to clash; not to suit; not to be coincident. [Not in use.]