Thursday, June 6, 2019



The EVIL DAY is here:

Everything is EVIL now

The swelling PRIDE & SIN of man

It is ripe for God's judgment

Or will God have mercy on it all?

Right now everywhere you look there is none that seeketh God and God is not in their thoughts unless it benefits them as in prayer for President Trump so certain #MAGA CHRISTIANS can reap the benefits of the Trump Administration.  The amount of pride and arrogancy and froward mouths speaking great swelling words of vanity with a measure of Jesus thrown in for advantage is sickening today and is detestable.  How long will God tolerate all this blasphemy before he judges this world by that man that he hath ordained?  I pray the time of God's strong delusion draws nigh as this present evil day is wearing out the saints.  Even so, come Lord Jesus:


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